Unlike typical thin & runny stains, WEATHERSEAL™ is thick, rich and easy to apply. Not a mess like all the rest. Formulated especially for log homes, WEATHERSEAL can be used over ALL types of outdoor wood surfaces where a natural wood appearance is desired.

It’s an applicator’s dream: it spreads creamy smooth, there’s no pigment settling, and it soaks into the wood like a much thinner stain. Due to its thick consistency, you get more WEATHERSEAL protection per brush stroke because more stain can be deposited on a vertical surface without dripping off. Superior protection, performance and appearance all packed in ONE product! And as a performer, WEATHERSEAL has earned a top rating by thousands of satisfied customers.

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Continental Products no longer fulfills sample requests for WeatherSeal or PolySeal products out of our manufacturing facility. Our authorized distributors are happy to assist you with all of your product sample requests. You can access a list of our current WeatherSeal/PolySeal distributors at Here.


Competitors vs. WeatherSeal

Exclusive! Three Year Outdoor Test of Numerous Wood Stains by Major Log Home Company!


The outdoor exposure testing was conducted in Homestead, Florida by Q-LABS, an Independent Testing Company. The length of the test was 6 months from December 19, 2008 to June 19, 2009. WeatherSeal and numerous competitors were tested. Each coated test board used number #1 grade eastern white pine. Each board was sanded using an orbital sander with 100 grit sandpaper. All coatings were applied by the same lab technician using a synthetic bristle stain brush. Application procedures were followed according to each manufacturer’s label directions. All end end grain and sides of wood panels were thoroughly coated. The back side was coated with 2 coats of our waterborne polyurethane/acrylic varnish. During outdoor exposure, the top portion of the boards were covered and hence not fully exposed to the weather. The appearance of the top portion of the board therefore is indicative of the original color of the stain and which allows you to see the contrast after a 6 month exposure to Florida weather. All boards were positioned on a test fence at a 45 degree angle and were southern facing.


Continental completed a 6 month testing cycle in Homestead Florida (see Q-Lab Test Certificate) with THE FOLLOWING Products: 1). CONTINENTAL’S WEATHERSEAL Exterior Wood Stain 2.) SASHCO’S Transformation 3.) SIKKENS Log & Siding 4.) PERMACHINK’S Ultra 2 & Advance Clear Topcoat 5.) WEATHERALL 6.) ABR’s Loggevity & Clear Topcoat 7.) ISK BIOCIDE’S Woodguard 8.) CTA’s Q8 Log Oil 9.) TIMBEROX Green 10.) STRUCTURE’S Nature One. 11.) SANSIN’S Envirostain


For a proper evaluation make sure to compare WeatherSeal and its competitors by the numbers of coats on each panel. For example, some manufacturers recommend 2 color coats plus an additional clear top coat. Those boards that have 2 coats of color and 1 coat of clear we consider a 3 coat panel and should be evaluated with a 3 coat panel of WeatherSeal. Companies that recommend such a 3 coat process in this test are PERMA CHINK, WEATHERALL, SANSIN, and ABR Loggevity.


A PDF file is also included of our Q-Labs Test Certificate which includes the testing facility’s address, phone number and testing dates of the panels. We choose this testing facility because of its sub-tropic location south of Miami. Testing semi-transparent wood stains in this climate allows a relatively quick evaluation of their durability due to the extreme weather conditions. High humidity, intense ultraviolet radiation, periods of torrential rains, and an environment that supports rapid growth of mildew will quickly stress any coating to its performance limits. Although 6 months may seem a short period of time, the intensity of a southern exposure at a 45° angle in such a climate is astounding and not to be confused with a wood stain’s performance under normal conditions. However such a test is superior to artificial weathering tests because it is actual real world exposure to the elements.


Not every panel listed on the Q-Labs Test Certificate is displayed on this site because the other panels tested were for in-house R & D purposes only and which include experimental formulations for development of future products.


Finally… to fully appreciate the full value of WeatherSeal, do a quick survey of the prices of the various wood stains we tested. You will be surprised at the incredible cost saving value of WeatherSeal versus our Log Home competitors. Any questions, doubts, or confusion regarding the test results, we certainly are willing and open to address. Please contact us at or 800-305-5869 / 216-531-0710.