PolySeal Interior Waterborne Varnish

PolySeal Interior Waterborne Varnish


  • Seals the wood pores and helps maintain an allergy free environment!
  • Cleaning and dusting are more thorough and effective.
  • Adds depth and clarity to the wood grain.
  • Scrub and mar resistant.
  • Low fume and very user friendly.
  • Available in Crystal, Amber, Amish Pine, Light Timber & Maple transparencies.
  • Dries fast – 3 to 4 coats in a day.
  • In additional to Walls & Woodwork can be used on floors! (4 coats recommended)
  • Soap and water cleanup.


Color Chart

Data Sheet and Installation Guide


Continental Products no longer fulfills sample requests for WeatherSeal or PolySeal products out of our manufacturing facility. Our authorized distributors are happy to assist you with all of your product sample requests. You can access a list of our current WeatherSeal/PolySeal distributors at Here.


Crystal is available in both satin & gloss. Colors are available only in satin. You’re going to love all the practical application benefits of PolySeal. PolySeal’s many great features include exceptional appearance, ease of application and user-friendly low fume, clean air formulas. Once dried, the PolySeal formulas will provide an excellent nonporous barrier for cleaning and dusting. The Wall & Woodwork/Floor formula is available in transparencies of clear Crystal, Amber, Amish Pine, Light Timber, and Maple. It is designed for use on all interior bare wood surfaces including kitchen cabinetry, molding, paneling, log walls and hardwood & hard pine flooring. When applying any of our PolySeal formulas, you’ll quickly see how user-friendly they are. They are very low in fumes and they can receive another coat within 2 to 3 hours (75°F). You don’t have to wait very long between coats which means you can get your project done that much faster and with great results. For full performance and appearance value, we recommend a minimum of 2 and preferably 3 coats for log walls & paneling, 4 coats for wood floors