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Continental’s Log Home and Wood Product Line is available through specialized Log Home Maintenance Supply Distributors. For distributor locations,  CLICK  HERE.


The Established Leader in Log Home Coatings!


The Continental Products Company is a leading manufacturer of custom designed protective and decorative wood coatings for the Log Home Industry. A quality certified company; Continental has been in business since 1916 and has been a leading supplier to the Log Home Industry since the early 1970’s. Well known for its innovative, high performance coatings and sealants for a variety of markets, Continental’s R & D driven approach to product development has yielded truly original wood coatings that are top rated in their category. Continental has been supplying the Log Home Market since the early 1970’s making it one of the oldest suppliers of sealants and coatings in the modern era of log homes.


Maintenance book 2014


Continental was the first manufacturer of log home coatings to provide a comprehensive approach to log home maintenance with the introduction in 1984 of its well known and highly regarded booklet titled “Guide to Maintaining Log Structures”. Thousands of log homeowners have received this free booklet since that time. Along with Continental’s educational approach to understanding wood maintenance issues, Continental has designed log home coatings that have set the highest standard for performance, appearance, and ease of application.


Continental was the first company to provide product samples as a regular part of its sales program. By offering liquid samples of actual product to the homeowner, much of the guesswork regarding coating characteristics and appearance was eliminated. This kind of direct knowledge is essential for the consumer to make an informed and confident decision on the type of coatings to choose for both the interior and exterior walls of their log home.


Our log home coatings are exceptional. Evaluate them with any of our competitors and you will immediately see the difference in how they apply, how they look and most important, how they perform. From our exclusive super thick WeatherSeal oil-based exterior wood stain to our full-bodied and very low fume PolySeal Wall & Woodwork Varnishes, there is just no comparison.


QUESTION?  When is a 5 year stain warranty really a 3 year warranty? Believe it or not, there are Log Home Stain Companies that are offering these types of stain warranties. The big print on their warranties claim 5 years. The small print says otherwise and in fact requires additional coats within 3 years. A 5 year stain warranty that requires additional coats within 3 years… does that make sense to you? That is why I always tell my customers and prospects to READ THE FINE PRINT!! If you can get past the enticing language, what is really being offered? There is no Log Home Stain Company or Paint Company that Continental is aware of that will pay for labor. All warranties for paints and stains basically cover either material replacement or refund of purchase and this is all predicated on the paint or stain being somehow defective. If there is some type of problem in the field, it does not necessarily mean that the wood stain itself is faulty. The truth is that a number of factors that contribute to a wood stain’s longevity are beyond the control of the wood stain manufacturer. A similar situation can be found with the log home kit manufacturer. Even though a Log Home Company supplies quality components, it does not guarantee that the home will be properly built. In most instances the Log Home Company has limited control over the construction process. During the building process things can go wrong that are not the fault of the Log Home Company supplying the components. Because of these similar parallels between stain manufacturers and log home component suppliers, guarantees are a tricky and complicated matter. Generally overt warranties are used as a sales tool to gain the upper hand in the selling process. But in reality these touted performance warranties carries the same weight of promise as a standard disclaimer warranty. And in fact, if you really examine certain stain warranties being advertised, they all end up, at the end of the day, as nothing more than a disclaimer warranty. But unfortunately, the impression left from these types of warranties is much different than what they really offer. And in Continental’s way of thinking, that is not a good thing. To loosely borrow from TS Elliot; between the promise and the expectation falls the shadow. Our approach to quality and reliability is not to have any shadow fall between the expectation.

We do this…

  • By investing first in technology
  • By having excellent R & D and formulating personnel
  • By having manufacturing processes that insures consistent quality
  • By having stringent Quality Control procedures of both raw materials and finished goods
  • By designing products with unique features that provide additional value
  • By making wood stains that perform and are simple to use and easy to renew
  • By further meeting customer expectations with the additional educational support of our highly regarded booklet “Guide to Maintaining Log Home Structures”
  • By offering commonsense and reasonable solutions and resolutions to any customer dissatisfaction. (If there truly is a quality issue with our products we will take care of it.)
  • Finally, by having a proven record and a reputable long term history in the Log Home Industry



To properly investigate the topic of “Green” wood stains requires understanding such terms as VOC’s, HAPS, MIR Values, and also requires identifying the feedstock sources for acrylic resins, alkyd resins, straight oils, solution resins, etc. For example, which is greener; a resin derived from renewable plant oils (oil-based alkyds), or a resin derived from non-renewable petrochemicals (water-based acrylics)? Which is greener; a traditional oil-based solvent such as mineral spirits with a low MIR (Maximum Incremental Reactivity) value, or the much more toxic solvent ethylene glycol (found in various log home water-based acrylic stains and paints) which has a similar MIR value to mineral spirits but is also a HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant)? The point is that the topic of “Green” Wood Stains is not as simple and as straight forward once the subject is examined with greater depth. Sadly, oil-based stains have been wrongly maligned largely due to ignorance and also to scare tactics from water-based competitors that perceive an advantage. The truth is that water-diluted petrochemical stains are not any “greener” than wood stains utilizing modern vegetable oil-based technologies. While the challenges of formulating and designing compliant oil-based stains require a greater degree of formulating expertise and sophistication than their water-based counterparts, oil-based stains will continue to maintain a strong, viable and “green” presence well into the future.



Continental Products no longer fulfills sample requests for WeatherSeal or PolySeal products out of our manufacturing facility. Our authorized distributors are happy to assist you with all of your product sample requests. You can access a list of our current WeatherSeal/PolySeal distributors at Here.





WEATHERSEAL Exterior Natural Wood Finish

Weather Seal Product Image copyTHICK, RICH & FULL OF PROTECTION!! There is absolutely no other exterior wood stain like WeatherSeal. Unlike its typical watery thin cousins that have become the accepted standard, WeatherSeal is thick and rich and easy to apply… not a mess like all the rest. Formulated especially for log homes, WeatherSeal can be used over ALL types of outdoor wood surfaces where a natural wood appearance is desired. It’s an applicator’s dream: it spreads creamy smooth, there’s no pigment settling, yet it literally melts into the wood, highlighting the grain while leaving a rich appearance. Due to its thick consistency, you get more WeatherSeal protection per brush stroke because more stain can be deposited on a vertical surface without dripping off. (That is why owners of chink style log homes love WeatherSeal. The logs get stained instead of the chinking! ) Plus, WeatherSeal is TOTALLY COMPLETE… superior protection, performance, and appearance are all packed in its ONE unique oil-based formula! No need to buy and apply 2 separate products. We have purposefully not complicated the Log Home maintenance process with base coats and clear coats and the subsequent negative future maintenance costs that these systems create. Simple to use, easy to renew, that’s WeatherSeal! And as a performer, WeatherSeal has been earning its reputation since 1993 leaving behind thousands of satisfied customers. Learn more about WEATHERSEAL

POLYSEAL Interior Water Based Varnish

Polyseal Small Product“THICKER & HIGHER IN SOLIDS” POLYSEAL represents an exceptional line of water-based Interior clear wood varnishes. Available in a full-bodied, easy-to-apply Wall, Woodwork, and Floor formula, PolySeal is pleasant to use, very low in fumes and exhibits outstanding durability and appearance. With a combination of hard wearing polyurethane and acrylic resins and with a higher level of solids, PolySeal cures harder & tougher and requires fewer coats to achieve an elegant appearance than the majority of its water-based counterparts. Although its thicker body was purposefully designed for ease of application on vertical surfaces, PolySeal also can be used on hardwood and hard pine floors. Learn more about POLYSEAL