Advantages of Continental Waterborne Coatings

  • Competitive Pricing – Our high performance waterborne coatings are usually lower than the price of a high solids paint.
  • Clean Air Formulas – Our low VOC waterborne paints will keep you in compliance with EPA as well as provide a “greener” public footprint.
  • Less Fumes, Easy to Work With – Our waterborne coatings do not emit strong smelly fumes that are typical of solvent based coatings. Employees and anyone in the paint area will appreciate the noticeable lack of a strong solvent odor as well as the subsequent safety benefits.
  • Not a Sticky Mess – Unlike High Solids paint, the overspray of our waterborne coatings dries much more quickly and does not leave the sticky non drying residue on the floor that can make for an extremely unpleasant and unsanitary work environment. A cleaner work place is a healthier workplace and better for worker morale. A dry floor also eliminate safety hazard.
  • Utility Savings $ – Our customers have lowered their oven temperatures by 60-80 degrees and generally require oven temperatures in the 300 degree range. Lower oven temperatures mean energy savings and reduced cool down time for handling.
  • Reduce Solvent Usage $– Instead of flushing your paint lines with solvent, your paint lines will be flushed with water so your solvent costs will be greatly reduced. Plus less need for handling solvents which reduce hazard and safety concerns.
  • Reduce Solvent Waste Stream $ – The water you use to flush lines can be evaporated in your oven with your wash water. Consequently you will eliminate the use of solvent and the cost of of disposal.
  • Not a Fire Hazard – The lower flash point of our waterborne paints will reduce the hazard of fire and injury.


 Types of Waterborne Products