"We take the ain't out of paint"®

Paint With A Purpose

Continental’s Research & Development is focused on solving problems in the real world of paint lines and government regulations. No longer is the cookie cutter approach (used by many paint companies including some of the biggest) of trying to conform the paint customer to an existing paint or paint system an adequate solution for many companies. Most all of our paints are custom-tailored to fit the exact requirements of our customers’ specifications and paint lines. That’s because, unlike many paint companies, we keep our avenue of inquiry as open as possible by not imposing strict limits on our raw material choices. This open-ended approach, along with the creativity of our chemists, has yielded breakthrough paint technologies with practical field applications.

Pioneering Accomplishment


1988 – Low VOC Water Borne enamel for US truck Manufacturer

1991 – 2K Isocyanate free, high gloss, hard & resilient, air dry, high solids VOC compliant machine enamel

1994 – Low VOC waterborne enamel with enhanced adhesion to brass for major truck radiator manufacturer.

1995 – Activator additive to allow for a one-step application of textured finish.

1995 – Water-reducible 2K high gloss low VOC urethane for major truck manufacturer.

1996 – Water-reducible, air-dry, non-acidic, corrosion-resistant casting sealer with 500º F (260ºC) tolerance. (Application properties updated and improved in 2005 for use on stampings.)

1996 – Waterborne high gloss acrylics for ABS athletic equipment.

1997 – Waterborne urethane coating for closed cell athletic foam protection pads.

1998 – Waterborne high UV resistant translucent and clear acrylic urethane for fiberglass building panels.

1998 – Waterborne primer/finish coat system developed for aluminum castings. 1000hr Salt spray exterior durability.

1999 – Zero VOC 2K High Gloss Urethane for heavy duty exterior protection.

1999 – Special monobake primer system for use with the zero VOC 2K Urethane

2000 – Low VOC, high performance, 2K Urethane DTM for adhesion over difficult metal substrates. (Successfully modified for engines and compressors in 2003)

2001 – Heat exchanger coatings; water, high solids, & 2K, for copper, brass aluminum and steel.

2002 – IMAX® type Big Screen Panel Coating with specified reflective values: 2K and waterborne systems.

2007/2008 – High solids polyester bake enamel developed for aluminum extrusions with exceptional hardness, mar resistance, corrosion resistance and exterior durability.

2009 – Medium priced, low VOC, high solids DTM, with a unique hardener for a tough quality coating.