Kool Ray™

Kool Ray™

Kool Ray™ Liquid Greenhouse Shading Concentrate

The bright white color of Kool Ray™ liquid greenhouse shading is a cost-effective alternative to mechanical greenhouse shading designed to lower inside greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. Kool Ray liquid greenhouse shading is a concentrated formula designed to be diluted with water to your desired shading level. Once applied, Kool Ray’s environmentally friendly ingredients will slowly wear off during the growing season (weather permitting) gradually allowing for increased light levels as the amount of daylight decreases. Kool Ray works best when spray applied but it can also be applied with a brush or a roller.

Kool Ray liquid greenhouse shading concentrate is sold through authorized resellers only and is available in 1-gallon (3.785L) cans, 5-gallon (18.93L), and 55-gallon (208.2L) drums.

Data Sheet and Installation Guide

Dilution Ratios

Kool Ray liquid greenhouse shading is a super-concentrated formula designed to be diluted with water. Standard dilution rate is 1 part Kool Ray to 8 parts water. Ratios can be adjusted according to the your particular shading needs. For a denser shade, several lighter, more diluted coats are recommended over a single, less diluted, heavy coat. A heavy coat can tend to cause “mud cracking” which can lead to eventual flaking and uneven wear-off.


Coverage will vary according to application, applicator, and dilution ratio. Application by spraying will normally provide the best coverage with approximately 175 ft2/gallon (4.3 m2/liter) of diluted Kool Ray shading solution.

Coverage Example: A typical dilution rate of 1:8 Kool Ray liquid shading concentrate to water yields 9 total volume units of shading liquid. A denser shade at a 1:5 ratio yields 6 total volume units. Multiply the final volume of diluted Kool Ray liquid shade by 175 to determine coverage in ftand by 4.3 to get m2.

       1:8 = 9 gallons x 175 = 1575 ft2 (1:8 = 9 Liters x 4.3 = 38.7 m2)

       1:5 = 6 gallons x 175 = 1050 ft2 (1:5 = 6 Liters x 4.3 = 25.8 m2)


Download Kool Ray Coverage & Density Guide

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