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Horticultural Products

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The Continental Products Co has been supplying the commercial Greenhouse Industry since the 1940’s. For many years Continental was the premiere and leading supplier of specialty greenhouse paints, bedding compounds, and top glazing sealants. In the 1950’s Continental was the first company to specifically develop a liquid shade for greenhouses in the United States and Canada. Continental marketed its liquid shade under the brand name of Kool Ray. At the time it was a major innovation over the powdered shades that were commonly used. After the introduction of Kool Ray, the use of powder for shading greenhouses rapidly declined.

The improvements that Kool Ray brought to greenhouse shading compounds versus powder included:

•Low cost water-based concentration for easy dilution in water
•Easier mixing and a better dispersion of shading ingredients
•Less and softer settling
•Longer shelf life without putrefaction
•More uniform shade and better coverage
•Improved heat reduction and shade density due to the introduction in the formula of titanium dioxide pigments
•Environmentally safe

Although refinements have been made to Kool Ray’s formula over the years, it has remained surprisingly intact and unchanged since its inception. That is because Continental got it right the first time and is the main reason why Kool Ray has remained the number one selling liquid shade in North America. Kool Ray is carried and distributed exclusively by the largest and best horticultural supply distributors in the USA and Canada.

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