Kool Ray – Products

Kool Ray – Products


KOOL RAY is back by popular demand in its “classic” Ezy-Off Formula. KOOL RAY CLASSIC may be its new name but its formula is the original and reliable KOOL RAY Ezy-Off.

KOOL RAY CLASSIC is specifically designed to lower inside greenhouse temperatures during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. During the course of the year, CLASSIC’s environmentally friendly ingredients will slowly wear off (weather permitting) allowing for increased light levels as the daylight decreases. CLASSIC works best when spray applied.

Available in 1 Gallon Cans, 5 Gallon Pails and 55 Gallon drums. In addition to White, CLASSIC is also available in Green.



X-TRA STICK Adhesive Additive For use with KOOL RAY CLASSIC Liquid Shade X-TRA STICK Adhesive Additive is a special adhesion promoter that when added to KOOL RAY CLASSIC Liquid Shade will increase adhesion, wear and overall life of the shade. X-TRA STICK is primarily used when shading glass greenhouses. X-TRA STICK can be used for plastic but caution should be taken because of the possibility of removal problems when used over plastic surfaces.


KOOL RAY being applied by helicopter!